The Homestretch

Two years ago, I couldn't wait for summer to end and my kids to go back to school. They were two and four at the time -- mathematically not that far removed from their current ages of four and six, but seemingly light years away in terms of development. Then, they were only part-time preschoolers … Continue reading The Homestretch

I Know You

“She looks familiar.” I keep thinking it over and over again. The woman in my new Bible study group talking about teaching her three-year-old patience. The one standing next to me at the preschool costume parade, making sure her baby is warm in the stroller. The woman on stage at a conference I attended sharing her … Continue reading I Know You

Amazing Grace

The kids and I spent the day in a bit of a bubble, me working hard to maintain normalcy and shield them from some heavy uncertainties our family is currently facing outside these four walls. As far as days with the kids go, this one was middle of the road -- not exceptionally good, but not particularly bad, either. There were a few tantrums on their part and some lost tempers on mine, but everyone was more or less happy and healthy....